Lotus LED Lights

The Lotus LED Lights Story

Lotus LED Lights is a Canadian-based company that has specialized in LED lighting since 2008. Through rigorous manufacturing and quality standards, they have since become an international, ISO-certified company with facilities in Vancouver BC, Naples FL, and Shenzhen, China. They are best known for their state-of-the-art Thin Recessed LED Lighting fixtures which have an external driver mounted in a patented design junction box, enabling simple, versatile installation in any room layout.

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Why We Love Lotus LED Lights

Lotus LED Lights is a company that stands firmly behind its work. And, they have good reason to do so, using only high quality components that are individually inspected and tested for maximum quality. The trim is inspected for painting imperfections. The driver is performance tested and then age tested for 8 hours before assembly into the junction box. And, the finished fixture is tested for 48 hours before a final inspection and packaging.

Fun Facts About Lotus LED Lights

Of the many etymological origins of the word “Lotus,” one refers to a tree in North Africa whose fruit made strangers forget their home. One could argue the innovative products offered by Lotus LED Lights achieve the opposite effect, or rather, help you forget the clumsy, limited state of architectural lighting before they were in business.

Noteworthy Products from Lotus LED Lights

The Slim 8 In. LED Trim is Lotus LED Lights’ brightest recessed LED fixture, designed exclusively for institutional and industrial work spaces. It has a narrow 1 3/4” thickness that allows for versatile installation and lighting setups that are not overly dependent upon the structural layout of a building. It comes with an isolated external driver (inside an included junction box), so that you can position light and driver separately when needed.

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Lotus LED Lights, Inc.