Gan Rugs

The Gan Rugs Story

In the late '80s, Jose Gandia-Blasco took his family's company in a whole new direction...or two new directions, to be more exact. As Gandia Blasco branched off into outdoor furniture, the original company focus--area rugs and other interior furnishings--was taken over by Gan Rugs. In the decades since, Gan Rugs has revolutionized what an area rug means, and what it can do. It is more than simply a floor covering; it is a way to build a complete living space. Thus inspired, designers like Patricia Urquiola, Hector Serrano and Sandra Figuerola have left their distinctive mark on the Gan Rugs catalogue.

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Why We Love Gan Rugs

Gan Rugs employs just about every imaginable technique there is for making an area rug, oftentimes using multiple techniques for one rug. The results are highly unique and intriguing to both the look and touch. But more than that, all of these techniques are done by hand by highly talented artisans. The obvious skill that goes into the creation of each Gan Rugs rug, pillow and upholstered furniture piece makes you keenly aware of what it should mean when something is identified as "hand-made."

Fun Facts About Gandia Blasco Rugs

Gan Rugs really appeals to the tech-savvy. The offices at Dropbox, Beats Music, and Candy Crush are all furnished with Gan Rugs rugs and furniture. Gan's outdoor furnishings focus is handled by its other brand, Gandia Blasco.

Noteworthy Products from Gan Rugs

The Bandas collection by Patricia Urquiola was among the first Spaces collections created. The Spaces concept is to make rugs an even greater part of a living space by expanding their patterns and textures into coordinating seating modules and accessories. The resulting configurations can be mixed and matched, added to and changed around as life and your changing tastes dictate.

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Gan Rugs