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Bandas Space Collection by Patricia Urquiola for Gan Rugs

Bandas Space Collection by Patricia Urquiola for Gan Rugs

A Q&A with Gan Rugs

Creative director Mapi Millet gives us an inside look into how Gan Rugs’ Spaces collection
uses rich textures and unexpected dimensions to create cozy, multi-functional spaces.

Written by Nissa Hallquist

Rugs can be much more than mere floor coverings; they can come off the floor to transform entire spaces, and in a variety of different forms. It was that revelatory thought that first started and continues to fuel Gan Rugs’ innovative rug, furniture and accessories concept, Spaces.

To find out more, we spoke with Gan Rugs Creative Director (and sometime product designer), Mapi Millet, about how both Gan Rugs and Spaces evolved. Millet has been a part of Gan Rugs since 2004 and, alongside company president Jose Gandia-Blasco, helped to conceive Spaces.

(Millet’s answers have been translated from Spanish.)

Tell us a bit about Gan Rugs in general. How did the brand evolve from Gandia Blasco? How did you become involved with the company?

In fact, Gan was the origin of Gandía Blasco. The initial collection that relaunched the family business was of carpets and textiles. Later, and due to the success of the outdoor furniture, carpets stayed in the background. When they began to have problems with suppliers, Jose (Gandia-Blasco), company president—and a friend of mine from the University--called me to help them in production control.

How would you summarize the Spaces collection?

It’s how a set of objects, carpets, modules and accessories can make up a complete, multipurpose and cozy space within any room in our homes.

Goyescas Space Collection by Sandra Figuerola for Gan Rugs

Goyescas Space Collection by Sandra Figuerola for Gan Rugs

What originally inspired the concept? Who developed it?

The texture of the carpets, which was very rich. From that texture, rugs could 'grow', conquer the three dimensions and create volumes. This we proposed to Patricia Urquiola, who then designed poufs for us to complement her collection, Mangas.

Where do you anticipate Spaces will go next (locations of the home, patterns, textures, etc.)?

What defines Gan are the ideas of the big designers converted into objects of daily use, thanks to the expert hands of craftsman around the world. Apart from that, we do not put limits. Any area of the house is good, we are interested in any activity, we explore all the time...

Next month, we’ll dig a bit deeper into Spaces by focusing more on a couple of the specific collections within it—Canevas and Silai—courtesy of Red Dot Award-winning designer, Charlotte Lancelot.