The BuzziSpace Story

Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, BuzziSpace is a design brand dedicated to improving the acoustics of open-plan interiors and work spaces, presenting a line of multipurpose lighting shades made of eco-friendly materials. Researching sound reduction since 2007, BuzziSpace continues to innovate with an increasing library of textiles that enhance the audible atmosphere in commercial spaces, both big and small.

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The vision of the company was sparked by the evolution of where and how people work. With the trend toward public and interactive work places, a lack of privacy followed, and BuzziSpace aimed to solve that problem with an emphasis on sound engineering and fine design.

Why We Love BuzziSpace Lighting

BuzziSpace puts the environment high on their priority list, implementing recycling and upcycling practices for the materials used in their lighting designs. With such high ecological standards, BuzziSpace is able to control and keep track of their environmental footprint during production. BuzziSpace takes this very seriously, but they also like to have fun too—BuzziFelt is available in a wide spectrum of bright colors that is sure to match the style and personality of any office or commercial environment.

Fun Facts About BuzziSpace

BuzziSpace gauges the efficacy of their sound-reducing products on the frequency of human speech—which is between 250 Hz and 2000 Hz. This is particularly effective for controlling the acoustics in work spaces with constant traffic and verbal communication between employees.

Noteworthy Lighting from BuzziSpace

The BuzziShade Large Pendant takes noise control to a whole new level with a larger-than-life shade made of a thick eco-felt. BuzziFelt is a fibrous material composed of recycled plastic bottles, specifically designed to absorb sound waves. When standing or sitting below the substantial shade, external noises are diminished, also helping to muffle any conversation held beneath it from passersby.

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