Santa & Cole Lighting

The Santa & Cole Story

Javier Santa, Gabriel Cole and Nina Maso started Barcelona-based Santa and Cole in 1985. The three focused on industrial design and sought out modern light fixtures that provided more than mass or function. They were looking for pieces that instilled a sense of serenity, culture and well-being.

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The Basica Table Lamp was their first major find and established the company in the European lighting field. In 1989, they became a distributor for many brands including Ingo Maurer (Spain).

Why We Love Santa & Cole Lighting

Santa and Cole is like a net that captures good lighting design. Because of their discriminating taste, the line itself is varied and offers many different styles for many different uses. The looks are a bit quirky and each one is distinct in its own right. Most of the lights work well in both transitional and modern settings, and all the products are extremely well-made, giving them a professional finish that suits both home and office.

Fun Facts About Santa & Cole

Santa and Cole doesn't just represent good lighting; they're involved in forestry and publication as well.

Noteworthy Lighting from Santa & Cole

The Tripode G5 Floor Lamp is one of their most popular designs, balanced on three thin legs and adding a punch of color to contemporary living rooms.

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Santa & Cole