House of Troy

The House of Troy Story

Since 1962, House of Troy has designed and crafted its line of beautifully functional lighting in Vermont. The company actually started several years earlier across the border, founded in 1947 in Montreal, Canada. It was the move to North Troy, Vermont that gave the company the name it has today. Along with the move, House of Troy sharpened its manufacturing focus and perfected its tooling in order to make the best-looking and smoothest functioning picture lights, a category in which the company specializes to this day.

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House of Troy is currently part of the Framburg lighting family, together with Arroyo Craftsman.

Why We Love House of Troy Lighting

Picture lights aren't usually the most decorative fixtures; the focus is on what's being illuminated, after all. But, while they may not necessarily be the center of attention, neither do House of Troy picture lights fade into the background. Much like a well-chosen frame, House of Troy lighting just makes paintings and prints look better. With bright, precise light, sleek, classic styling and an array of rich finishes, House of Troy picture lights both illuminate and accentuate important art pieces. And the same can also be said for House of Troy piano lamps; they make any kind of piano look truly grand.

A Fun Fact About House of Troy

The company's current digs in Hyde Park, Vermont, originally started its life off as a cow barn. It was eventually converted into a dance hall and roller-skating rink before becoming the House of Troy headquarters.

Noteworthy Lighting From House of Troy

The Traditional LED Picture Light has all the sophisticated style people have come to expect from House of Troy artwork lighting, combined with an energy efficient and artwork-friendly LED light source. The House of Troy Battery Operated Piano Light also utilizes LEDs and a convenient battery-powered source, with a slim, yet wide head that projects light across the entire keyboard without getting in the way.

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House of Troy