The Antonangeli Story

Antonangeli was founded in 1977 with the intent to create innovative contemporary pieces with the functionality to last a lifetime. This Italian company sits in the heart of the European design movement—their products have high-design influences contrasting with the familiarity of traditional elements. With a commitment to redefine the idea that lighting must be either emotional or functional, Antonangeli strives to provide products that evoke a reaction along with the ultimate purpose of lighting a space.

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Why We Love Antonangeli Lighting

Antonangeli was established with the intent to push the boundaries of traditional lighting. Whether they are using familiar materials in new, exciting ways or new materials with age-old techniques, the result is always remarkable. Plastic can look as delicate as rice paper, table lamps are hung by their bases, fluorescent-style LEDs can change color according to preference. All these elements add up to a brand that pushes the envelope with thought-provoking products.

A Fun Fact About Antonangeli

In 2007, Antonangeli introduced their Outdoor Collection with a vision to evoke the same emotions that an indoor light would. With a motto stating, “…you have to respect the dark,” this collection aims for high design and ultimate functionality without detracting from the environment itself.

Noteworthy Products From Antonangeli

Antonangeli is constantly working to use materials and shapes in new ways, as is revealed in the Formosa Wall Sconce. This piece features a fabric shade with up and downlight that is itself the both the shade and the fixture. The Big Bell Floor Lamp features a timeless bell shape available in a variety of contemporary finishes. A Nordic design is combined with an Asian influence in the Mamamia C4 Pendant. Nine metal rings surround the light source, exuding a warm glow from within.

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