Star Fans

The Star Fans Story

Established in 1947, Star Fans began its journey as a manufacturer of table fans. Over time the family-owned company shifted its focus towards evolving its knowledge and passion for design. With quality materials and an emphasis on modern industrial styling, Star Fans has come to the U.S. to provide a versatile, customizable collection of fans that are ideal for a range of home and commercial environments. Star Fans strives to provide their customers with a product that enhances, complements and serves the beauty and utility of any space.

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Why We Love Star Fans

Star Fans uses only the highest quality material available, including Belize wood and polycarbonate thermoplastic. The blending of the two results in a translucent body that exposes the fan motor and creates that signature, industrial-chic twist. In order to ingrain their products with the same performance and reliability as the cultural icons that inspired them, the company immerses itself in the art and science of fan making. Having tinkered and experimented with various designs, Star Fans is able to instill a range of variation and color to diversify their fan models.

Fun Facts About Star Fans

Before Star Fan’s trademark Propeller Ceiling Fan came to fruition, the company’s designer began with a sketch of what a fan would look like if its blades were replaced with the propellers of a Dakota airplane. Later, as luck would have it, he walked by a Ferrari with a clear hood that exposed the car’s engine, thus, prompting the idea of a ceiling fan with a clear motor housing. As a result of the ingenious union between two iconic product designs, the Propeller Ceiling Fan was born.

Noteworthy Products from Star Fans

The Star Propeller Ceiling Fan embodies timeless and cutting-edge design that captures the imagination of contemporary culture enthusiasts. Infused with the look of a Dakota plane and Ferrari sports car, the fan spins swiftly using real Belize wood blades while a clear polycarbonate housing exposes a running motor.

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Star Fans