In 2009, marketing and design firm Biegert & Funk launched the QLOCKTWO clock, in table and wall versions. This piece has since become the "face" of QLOCKTWO Inc., which is now dedicated to this award-winning design.

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Why We Love QLOCKTWO Clocks

The QLOCKTWO clock is also something the founders themselves would want, making it a real labor of love. They design and make their clocks in-house in southern Germany, so you know you're getting exceptional quality and engineering in each and every one.

A Fun Fact About QLOCKTWO

There is a Qlockone. It's called the human clock, and is available as an app. It was created by filming 24 people in a meadow who, every minute, would move 24 benches into digital-looking time displays. It was filmed over 24 hours in real time, with no cuts.

Noteworthy Products From QLOCKTWO

The modern clocks in the QLOCKTWO collection are truly outstanding feats of engineering. Their square clock faces feature a matrix of letters that, when strategically illuminated from within by LEDs, tell the time in words. The collection has earned a number of international accolades, including the 2019 reddot design award.

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