The Driade Story

In 1968, Driade was founded to bring its own level of experimentation and elegance to the world of Italian furniture design. Rather than remain fixated on a single aspect of Italian design at that time--Rationalism, Surrealism, etc.--the Driade founders dedicated themselves instead to eclecticism. They sought to remain open to the future, to embrace different views and create pieces of art for daily living.

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Driade's unconventional approach has attracted the varied talents of famous designers like Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, Ron Arad and Ludovica & Roberto Palomba.

Why We Love Driade Furniture

To put it quite simply, the Driade furniture catalogue is fun. All of the designs are, of course, useful and of the highest quality. But they are really just so much fun. You might look at a piece and--considering its wildly sculptural form--wonder what it is for a moment. And even the furniture designs that are more recognizable in their function still manage to distinguish themselves with overstuffed plushness and eye-catching colors. Each chair, sofa and accent piece is boldly confident, and immediately injects that confidence into whatever space it's installed.

Fun Facts About Driade

Driade is the Italian inpterpretation of "dryad," otherwise known as a wood or tree nymph. Representative of nature, a dryad is also evocative of beauty, curiosity and joy, things that Driade is particularly focused on when it comes to their furniture designs.

Noteworthy Products from Driade

Designed in 2009 by Fabio Novembre, the large, mask-like Nemo Chair has since become a signature product for Driade. With its realistic facial features, it is at once eery, playful and dramatic. The Tokyo-Pop outdoor furniture collection is the result of designer Tokujin Yoshioka's experimentation with molded plastic. The sculptural, soft-looking lounge set defies visual convention while still remaining amazingly comfortable.

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