The Arnsberg Story

Founded in 2016, ArnsbergerLicht—better known as Arnsberg—is a German lighting company with a focus on producing high quality lighting in styles that are both functionally sophisticated and modernly refined. With over 30 years of combined experience, its leaders and co-founders, Bernd Mueller and Paul. W. Eusterbrock, have grown the company into a front-runner of LED technologies that aims to provide the best lighting solutions on the market. Today, Arnsberg continues to strive towards a prudent growth path and remains steadfast with one simple goal: Offer the best available lighting at affordable prices.

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Why We Love Arnsberg Lighting

Arnsberg consistently progresses towards producing the most innovative LED fixtures and technologies in the industry, and continually strives to raise the design and technical standards of their products. By establishing the mission to offer the best lighting available, Arnsberg continues to develop and deliver quality lighting with the best value proposition for their customers.

Fun Facts About Arnsberg

ArnsbergerLicht, based in the city of Arnsberg, Germany, lies in the center of the German and International lighting industry. Carrying the legacy of an electrical evolution, the city’s lighting history dates back to 1830 where some of the first petroleum lamp manufacturers were established before adapting to electrical lighting fixtures and lamps.

Noteworthy Products from Arnsberg

Osram, a company at the forefront of developing new lighting technologies, provides an exclusive Opto Semiconducter LED module technology for Arnsberg that enables the creation of the most flexible and effective design possibilities imaginable. Impressively minimal, but ample with light, the Sandro LED Wall Sconce crosses two LED sticks in the form of a “V” for a unique visual feature that stands out with appeal. As LED nodes run down the length of the shades, warm white light projects in all directions and reaches even further than the traditional shaded sconce.

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