The Viso Story

Designer and entrepreneur Filipe Lisboa started Viso in the late '90s to satisfy his passion for 1960s and '70s design. He wanted to have a luxurious line that toyed with some of the more distinctive looks created during that period. In 2002, Viso announced itself at the International Lighting Fair in Valencia, Spain, earning the top 3 awards and garnering a lot of attention with their modern pendant lights.

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Viso is based in Portugal and has a branch in Canada that serves the North America market.

Why We Love Viso Lighting

Viso lighting is distinctive and classy, partnering the retro trends of the '60s and '70s with modern elegance. Viso takes European lighting to a new level of chic, pairing quality crystal with velvet or mirrored glass for a striking appearance. Not only stunning, Viso lighting fixtures also have a playful side, using colors and textures that can lighten the mood while keeping a high fashion profile.

Fun Facts About Viso

Viso contributed to the decorative lighting in the Bond film, "Casino Royal".

Noteworthy Lighting from Viso

A dramatic piece, the H20 Floor Lamp shows off reflective lines across its translucence shade, and tripod frame suggesting 1970s style while keeping the overall look modern and sexy.

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