The Nyta Story

Designer and architect come together in Nyta, a burgeoning German brand founded in 2012 by Fabian Maier, Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller. In actuality, the beginning stages of Nyta began five years prior, when two of the three founders—product designers Johannes Marmon and Johannes Müller—created jjoo design, a studio that contemporaneously develops products for Nyta.

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The eventual collaboration between the design duo and Fabian Maier, an architect and lighting planner, solidified the Nyta brand, leading to a hands-on approach from start to finish. This ability to conceptualize the overall end design of a space takes shape in their intuitive aesthetic that is both refined and approachable.

Why We Love Nyta Lighting

Honoring their slogan, “Enjoy Light!”, Nyta aspires to create meticulously designed products that fit seamlessly in to everyday life. All founding members of Nyta fully involve themselves in the manufacturing process, ensuring the purity of their original designs until they are completed. This passion permeates their designs, exhibiting a self-evident functionality in their lighting with keen sense of style.

Fun Facts About Nyta

In addition to creating products for Nyta, the Johannes duo of jjoo design have a side venture called, “Oh Tannenbaum! Designer Christmas Trees”, which is an art exhibition reinterpreting the holiday symbol in quirky or shocking ways. Nyta designs are offered in the US through Ameico, which also represents Davey Lighting, Foldability and Studio Cheha.

Noteworthy Lighting from Nyta

Winner of the German Design Award in 2015 under the Excellent Product Design category, the Nyta Tilt Pendant adjusts to any lighting need. Like a performance piece, the Tilt is not resolved to a static placement in space; the tilting and swiveling of the shade adapts to the needs of the room, expressing functionality with a crisply minimalistic style.

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