&Tradition Lighting

The &Tradition Story

In 2008, Martin Kornbek Hansen and his wife, Nadja, founded the design brand Unique Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark to produce modern lighting, furniture and accessories. In 2010, Hansen changed the name to &Tradition, to place better emphasis on the company's design goal: bringing Nordic tradition and heritage into modern design, and to bridge the values between the two.

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To this day, &Tradition continues to produce classic Scandinavian designs as well as new pieces by today's young designers, all of which exemplify the company's central philosophy.

Why We Love &Tradition Lighting

&Tradition seamlessly blends classic Nordic design with what modern Scandinavian design is today: clean, colorful and based in solid handicraft. They actively scout promising young designers who embrace such a design philosophy. The products created by these new designers--Benjamen Hubert, Sofie Refer--mingle easily with those of the great masters—such as Verner Panton. Part of the Nordic tradition is also a deep respect for nature, which &Tradition contemporary lighting fixtures and furniture embrace with timeless design and environmentally friendly materials.

A Fun Fact About &Tradition

The Spinning BH1 Pendant, designed by Benjamin Hubert in 2010, was inspired by a child’s top.

Noteworthy Products from &Tradition

The Mega Bulb Pendant embraces the philosophy of the old with the new: a standard incandescent bulb outlined in clear glass. Finally, look to the Flowerpot Table Lamp for a peaceful protest against boring design.

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