Moooi Carpets

The Moooi Carpets Story

In 2001, Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers started Moooi to bring imaginative furniture, lighting and accessories to adventurous lovers of modern design. Now, their line has expanded with Moooi Carpets, proving great design can be right underfoot. With a stable of contributing designers including Bertjan Pot, Neri & Hu and Christian Lacroix, Moooi Carpets offers an exceptionally diverse selection for any interior style. From graphic patterns to photorealistic prints to 3D designs, each carpet lends the signature Moooi sense of surreality and personality to a space.

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Why We Love Moooi Carpets

Moooi has a reputation for avant-garde artistry, and Moooi Carpets continues this tradition with their steadfastly non-traditional designs. Each rug is a centerpiece in its own right, becoming a talking point as well as leading the palette and energy of a room.

A Fun Fact About Moooi Carpets

Moooi Carpets are printed directly onto the rugs with a high-definition printer designed just for this task. Cutting-edge technology now lets them print designs with photographic quality on wool as well as the original polyamide material they started out with. It has never been possible before now to print high-def designs into wool, and the resulting rugs are replete with artistic quality and a luxury feel.

Noteworthy Products From Moooi Carpets

Moooi cofounder and art director Marcel Wanders interjects his signature style into the Eden Queen Round and Fool’s Paradise Round rugs, each an explosion of painterly floral bouquets that recall the still lifes of the Dutch masters. And Finnish illustrator Klaus Haapaniemi gives Moooi Carpets a modern twist on Scandinavian fairy tales with his haunting Polar Byzantine design.

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Moooi Carpets