NW Art

The NW Art Story

Based in Washington State, NW Art is a company that specializes in fine art prints and framing for residential and commercial interiors. NW Art has collaborated with reputable artists to create their collection of art prints, and have translated their original works to a variety of high-end mediums such as fine art paper, chroma and canvas.

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Their fine art giclees are printed with inkjet printers using pigment-based archival inks, ensuring the value and quality of their wall art. In addition to their emphasis on quality, NW Art seeks out sustainable materials sourced from both within the U.S. and abroad, including their wooden frames which are predominately FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and COC (Chain of Custody) certified.

Why We Love NW Art Products

NW Art takes its relationship with artists and making quality reproductions of their works seriously. The utmost care has been taken to ensure that respected and valued artists are added to their art collections regularly. They have partnered with Lumens on several exclusive artists and art pieces, and each of these is also digitally signed by the artist.

Fun Facts About NW Art

NW Art’s “giclee” (jee-clay) method of printing literally means inkjet print. Think of the giclee printmaking as a digital process akin to the age-old method of lithography.

Noteworthy Products from NW Art

Tree Ring Abstract I by Ethan Harper is a snapshot of a tree’s thumbprint with instances of heavy and light brushstrokes. This abstract view of nature is something we rarely get to see, and almost humanizes the cross-section of a tree with emotional movement. This fine-art black and white giclee is printed with inkjet printers using pigment-based archival inks.

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NW Art