The Bulbrite Story

Back in 1971, Andrew Choi founded Bulbrite as a premier maker and supplier of light bulbs. Based in Moonachie, NJ, Bulbrite succeeded in this role by introducing numerous innovative (and award-winning) light bulb designs. After serving as President and CEO of Bulbrite for 38 years, Choi stepped down in 2009 to make way for his daughter, Cathy Choi.

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Under her tenure, Bulbrite launched their in-house lighting lab in 2010 to support product development and quality control. They've also expanded further into the design of actual lighting fixtures, most notably a line of contemporary LED desk lamps.

Why We Love Bulbrite

We defy you not to find the bulb you need at Bulbrite. They design and supply hundreds of bulbs, ranging from standard incandescent to the latest LED light bulbs. The entire selection is of the highest quality, backed by 40 years of manufacturing experience and fastidious testing in their lighting lab. And, apart from their products, Bulbrite's education center is second-to-none. At www.lightopedia.com you can find all kinds of information on bulbs and lighting technology as well as the latest laws and regulations.

Fun Facts About Bulbrite

The Bulbrite KX-2000 (krypton/xenon) bulb was the first one created as an alternative to halogen, as they call it, "The Original Halogen Alternative". Their Purify O2 line of fluorescent light bulbs are coated in titanium dioxide, which purifies the air and eliminates odors.

Noteworthy Products From Bulbrite

With an intricate filament and tapered, hand-made form, the Squirrel Cage Edison Light Bulb is a favorite bulb with which to add authentic historical detail to a fixture. And the Bulbrite Vintage String Light Kit is the perfect addition to modern outdoor spaces.

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