SATCO Lighting

The SATCO Story

Founded in Brentwood, New York in 1966, SATCO was started as a supply company that specialized in the basic components used in light fixtures, from bulbs to tracks, components and more. They offer energy efficient bulbs, like fluorescent and LED options, but they also provide the fundamental building blocks of creating a lamp.

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Why We Love SATCO Lighting

SATCO is the one-stop shop for completing your lighting fixture. It can be difficult to traverse the world of bulbs, but SATCO makes it easy to choose the right bulb for the fixture, and they offer options for fixtures that accept different types of light as well. From the everyday bulb to the fancy, designer bulb, SATCO offers it all. Have a DIY project in mind? SATCO also helps you build your lamp from the ground up, supplying all the parts needed to make a fixture to your style specifications.

Fun Facts About SATCO

SATCO was awarded the 2009 Energy Star Partner of the Year, highlighting their dedication to energy efficient lighting.

Noteworthy Lighting from SATCO

The Low Voltage MR16 Square Kit utilizes halogen lamping, a bright, white light that is frequently used to highlight art or architectural features.

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Satco Lighting