The Varaluz Story

Ron Henderson started Varaluz in 2006 in Las Vegas in order to help solve one of the toughest problems companies face: how to be responsible with materials in order to preserve the earth. Ron felt Varaluz Lighting could make a bigger impact than simply making products CFL and LED compatible and started designing out waste in the manufacture and distribution process.

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With his background in aerospace engineering, Ron Henderson leads a team of artisans that designs fixtures using recycled and sustainable materials to their full potential.

Why We Love Varaluz Lighting

The designs aren't only earth-friendly; they also look really cool and luxurious. One would never know just by looking at them that they're composed of recycled and recyclable material. Varaluz Lighting works with top metal and glass artisans in the Philippines to compose sustainable light fixtures for contemporary spaces, so each piece is intrinsically unique as well. The pieces are both sculptural and contemporary, inspired by nature and how light plays off various surfaces.

Fun Facts About Varaluz

The Kabebe shell is reclaimed from food scrap waste, and the other shell options are either sustainable or reclaimed from jewelry leftovers.

Noteworthy Lighting from Varaluz

A one of a kind collection, the Fascination fixtures are a great example of how Varaluz turns trash into fabulous treasure.

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