The Varaluz Story

Manufacturing comes with the unfortunate byproduct of creating waste. In 2006, Ron Henderson founded Varaluz to tackle that problem head-on. A former aerospace engineer, Henderson saw the solution within the very problem: an endless supply of usable materials being poured into our oceans and landfills. If those same discarded pieces were reclaimed and upcycled, a company could deliver beautiful and innovative lighting fixtures while simultaneously doing good for the world.

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From its facility in the Philippines, the team at Varaluz now turns thousands of pounds of used steel and glass into upscale pendants, vanity lights and sconces. Skillful artisans pour over every detail of each “lightly twisted” design. Reworking recycled and reclaimed materials and hand-painting, with low VOC finishes, results in beautiful, hand-forged creations worthy of the most stylish interiors.

Why We Love Varaluz Lighting

There’s a misconception that recycled goods come at the expense of good looks. All it takes is a brief skim through the Varaluz catalog to disprove this theory. By reforming quality used materials, and meticulously applying artful finishes by hand, the designers get impressively creative without sacrificing sustainability or style. Reinvigorated pieces have the ability to deliver impressive aesthetics that new materials simply can’t duplicate.
With texture being a top lighting trend, Varaluz gets a lot of points for designing lights that accentuate the intricacies of the materials. Structured with exquisite attention to detail, each piece is fashionable and functional. The effort put into making these beautiful lights has a profound and real impact on the world, with over 66 tons of steel and nearly 20 tons of glass recycled in 2017 alone.

Noteworthy Lighting From Varaluz

Without a heads up on Varaluz’s upcycling, you might never guess the materials were twice used. The Lofty Bath Bar, an elegant vanity full of clean lines and beautiful symmetry, checks all the modern style boxes, yet is crafted from recycled steel and marine grade reclaimed wood. This is a perfect example of how Varaluz takes humble materials to beautiful design in a “lightly twisted” way. Meanwhile, in the grandiose department, the Flow 6-Light Twist Pendant turns recycled steel into an eye-popping statement piece. Inspired by the graceful form of butterfly wings, this swirling pendant presents a frame that absolutely captivates.

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