Coe Studios

The Coe Studios Story

Jerry Coe started as an apprentice restorer, wheelwright, and smith at Yosemite National Park's Pioneer History Center in 1984. Five years later, Coe founded Coe Studios in Berkeley, California.

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Influenced by his natural surroundings and the traditional methods used by artisans around the world, Jerry Coe focused on making architectural lighting composed of handmade glass and bronze. Coe Studios is still located in Berkeley.

Why We Love Coe Studios Outdoor Lighting

There's something warm and inviting about bronze, the way it patinas with exposure to the elements and creates a sense of history and establishment. Coe's fixtures are distinguished by their flared lampshades and thick, square glass globes that have been hand-blown and slightly textured to diffuse the light. The outdoor bronze lamps are ideal for creating a cottage look for the home, decorating and illuminating gardens, paths and covered porches. Each fixture has a full, lifetime warranty and is available in either 12 or 120 volts.

Fun Facts About Coe Studios

Not only specializing in lighting, Coe also forged a replica of the "Gravity Car" in 1996 to commemorate the centennial celebration of a railway attraction that took tourists through 281 curves before reaching Mill Valley at the bottom of Mt. Tamalpais, CA.

Noteworthy Lighting from Coe Studios

The Sea Ranch Sconce has a cheerful appearance for lighting around entryways and covered paths. Also, check out the Hanging Path Light for pendant lighting around the eaves of your house or around the arbor.

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Coe Studios