Blackjack Lighting

The Blackjack Lighting Story

After spending more than 30 years designing decorative lighting for a wide range of manufacturers, Stephen Blackman decided the time was right to strike out on his own. Directly driven by the desire to offer high-end lighting pieces that combine up-to-the-minute technological advances and spectacular design, Blackjack Lighting was born in 2013.

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With a long and successful history of working with energy efficient lighting sources, Blackman has gathered an extensive collection of six Lighting For Tomorrow Awards (created to recognize the best decorative, energy efficient lighting fixtures in the market) affirming his status as a creative innovator in the marketplace.

Why We Love Blackjack Lighting

Blackjack is a boundary pusher. Not content to fall in line with industry conventions or play it incandescently safe, the company will direct all its energies on lighting fixtures specifically created using LED and OLED (Organic LED) technology while continuing to place an absolute premium on stunning design. Considering Blackman’s long history living on the leading edge of decorative lighting, we’re super excited to be along for the ride.

Noteworthy Lighting from Blackjack Lighting

The Edge2 LED Task Lamp is the first offering from Blackjack. A super thin, super light desk task light, the Edge2 is sleekly gorgeous and loaded with cutting-edge technology. And check out the Starburst LED Chandelier for an energy efficient fixture that is guaranteed to make a statement in residential and commercial locations.

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Blackjack Lighting