Michael McHale Designs

The Michael McHale Designs Story

"An entertainment lawyer walks into a design store..." might leave one waiting for the inevitable punchline. Okay, how about this- "...he walked out a lighting designer." No joke. In search of a light fixture for his New York apartment, McHale was underwhelmed with the illuminative offerings that surrounded him.

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He left empty-handed, feeling he could do a better job himself. It appears as if he was right. Oxford and Vassar educated, but with no formal art or design training, Michael McHale Designs offers exquisitely constructed crystal-laden steel pipe fixtures that are now likely selling in the same shop he once walked out of in 2007.

Why We Love Michael McHale Lighting

McHale's aesthetic sensibilities undercut tidy categorization. Repurposed steel pipes are ruggedly raw; high-quality, fully-leaded crystal confer luxuriousness; the regular use of flame-tipped candelabra bulbs play off a traditional archetype long associated with elaborate chandeliers. The disparate material mediums stylistically balance the high and the low, successfully coalescing into a unique amalgamation that McHale understandably references as "industrial chic." That desire to juxtapose grime with glam led to a positively received upside - reclaiming distressed pipes from building sites (originally due to the desirable patina) also happens to be environmentally responsible.

Fun Facts about Michael McHale Designs

In no respect is this considered a "fun" fact, but it is gripping - speaking to the reclaimed/repurposed aspects of the production process, one of the deadliest hurricanes in American history resulted in an unintentional upside for Michael McHale Designs. The large swath of foundational destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina resulted in a literal heap of scrapped pipe, some of it given new life via McHale's creations.

The Tribeca Collection is an accessible entry point into the world of Michael McHale Designs. The Tribeca Banqueting Linear Suspension impressively exemplifies the MMD aesthetic on a grand scale, its 42" Black pipe frame laden with twelve lights that are sumptuously surrounded with multiple rows of cascading crystal that perpetually reflect and refract the light.

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Michael McHale Designs