Ricca Design

The Ricca Design Story

Family is the cornerstone and creative drive behind Ricca Design, a modern Italian lighting brand launched in 2014 by brothers Roberto and Paolo Ricca. A division of OR Illuminazione (founded by their father Giovanbattista Ricca in 1999) Ricca Design is a slight departure from the ornate and decorative aesthetic, bringing the prestige of Italian craft and glass to the forefront of technology and innovation.

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In addition to expanding on the thirty years of design and business experience Giovanbattista imparted on to his sons, Ricca Design also works with outside designers who continue to evolve the overall look of the company. Now with U.S. offices based on the west coast, Ricca Design is bringing their fresh approach to classic Italian lighting to North American markets.

Why We Love Ricca Design Lighting

The multigenerational aspect lends a richness to the collection of Ricca Design lighting fixtures. Not only does the portfolio heavily feature designs by Giovanbattista Ricca, the range as a whole reveals the versatility of Murano glass and how styles have changed over the years.

Fun Facts About Ricca Design

Ricca Design also creates custom lighting for large-scale installations in commercial or hospitality environments. A recent project, “Glass Brick,” can be applied as an architectural barrier or wall tiles—they have even been incorporated into actual brick walls.

Noteworthy Products from Ricca Design

Named after the Italian Art Nouveau movement, “Stile Liberty,” the Ricca Design Liberty LED Wall Sconce captures the spirit of modern design with a streamlined industrial shape and innovative LED technology. Adjoining pipes of solid iron project beams of bright illumination in four opposing directions, partially revealing the interior tube from each opening. Able to be installed in a vertical or horizontal position, both metal flutes are set at a slight angle from the center, eliminating direct glare while evenly spreading patterns of light against the wall.

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Ricca Design