Kalco Lighting

The Kalco Story

In the early ‘80s, seeking more than the sterile lighting options that were available, Harry Kallick had a vision to provide consumers with options that were aesthetically-driven and paired with unmatched quality. Since then, Kalco has created just such fixtures by specializing in hand-forged, hand-finished artisan lighting fixtures. Their Las Vegas facility hand-forges metalwork, while the branch in the Philippines is dedicated to hand selecting the raw materials, as well as hand-finishing and polishing the decorative elements. By offering a wide range of styles from contemporary to classic, Kalco Lighting will be at home in any environment.

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Why Kalco Lighting

We love their new style. After recognizing recent shifts in design trends, Kalco saw that as an opportunity to shift their commitment to quality to a more contemporary line of fixtures. Their signature hand-forging, selection of natural materials and multi-step hand-finishing process complement the more streamlined and urban style to which Kalco has recently become committed. Their new aesthetic also includes shiny metallics, bold crystal, mixed metals and integrated LEDs.

Fun Facts About Kalco Lighting

Kalco owns its factory in the Philippines and is a pioneer of using hand forged iron sourced from the area, where it is regarded as an art form. The craftsman in the factory have been with for Kalco for over 25 years.

Noteworthy Products from Kalco Lighting

The Milo Wall Sconce and Milo Chandelier has Mid Century Modern roots and is an example of the form follows function principle rooted in 20th century industrial design.

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Kalco Lighting