Faro Barcelona

The Faro Barcelona Story

Established in 1945, Faro Barcelona began its journey as a manufacturer of flex desk lamps. Over time, however, the company started specializing in other lines of business. Evolving from maker to trader—and ultimately, designer—Faro Barcelona now boasts over 60 years of learning and experience, with the highest quality standards ingrained in every product. With sleek aesthetics and a minimalist style, Faro expressions true appreciation for design lovers everywhere and strives to provide their customers with complete satisfaction.

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Why We Love Faro Barcelona Fans

Faro Barcelona remains committed to excellence with consumers all over the globe. Their philosophy is to have a close working relationship with each of their customers, allowing them to enjoy Faro’s creations and understand the passion that goes behind every product. Their solutions have reached over 90 countries worldwide, sprung from a team of people recognized for enthusiasm, professionalism and excitement. Known for their dedication and absolute commitment, Faro searches far and wide for the best possible representatives to extend a welcoming hand.

A Fun Fact About Faro Barcelona

Faro Barcelona takes great pride in the quality of every product, each one subject to strict tests in their very own laboratory. They check for efficiency, resistance to wear and environmental factors for guaranteed value. Additionally, the company tests electrical shock, impact shocks, incandescent wire, thermal and mechanical resistance, and power factors to ensure permanent compliance with the most current legal standards. Using advances in technology for the production of safer, more reliable products, the company raises the bar for industry standards everywhere.

Noteworthy Products from Faro Barcelona

The Eterfan features a new kind of sleek, showcasing a unique fan aesthetic that redefines the term “modern”. A bulbous fan body hangs down from a bottleneck suspension and holds three polycarbonate blades that run through six selectable speeds. A low consumption motor keeps costs and energy usage down, making it a perfect interior option for anyone, anywhere.

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Faro Barcelona