The Steelcase Story

Looking at Steelcase’s catalog of modern office furniture today, it might be hard to imagine that the company got its start more than 100 years ago. In fact, just two years after the founding of what was then known as Metal Office Furniture Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Steelcase secured its first manufacturing patent—for a fireproof wastebasket (a major innovation in 1914).

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More than a century later, Steelcase still takes pride in turning insight into innovation, creating comfortable office furniture using sustainable materials and ethical practices.

Why We Love Steelcase Furniture

Integrity is a hallmark of good design. Steelcase touts principles of social and environmental responsibility, from materials suppliers to in-house talent, and a commitment to diversity, education and healthy communities. These values, combined with comfortable, beautiful modern office furniture, create workspaces we can feel good about in both body and mind.

A Fun Fact About Steelcase

As part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental awareness, Steelcase uses special packaging made from agricultural byproducts such as mushroom roots and seed hulls, which provide the same cushion and strength as polystyrene foam but are fully compostable.

Noteworthy Products From Steelcase

Stackable and sittable, the Move Chair is designed not only to be easily movable, but it also moves with you. Adaptive bolstering conforms to your body to provide ultimate comfort even as you move in your seat.

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