Fredrick Ramond

The Fredrick Ramond Story

Fredrick Ramond was founded by Fredrick Ramond Glassman in 1965 in Cerritos, CA. Starting then, and for more than forty years thereafter, the company gained a reputation for quality hand-wrought iron and other metal work. It was this reputation that eventually garnered the interest of Hinkley Lighting.

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In 2007, Hinkley acquired Fredrick Ramond and moved the majority of its operations to Cleveland, OH. By maintaining the same levels of quality and exquisite style for which its name had become synonymous, Fredrick Ramond has become the luxury lighting brand of the Hinkley Lighting family.

Why We Love Fredrick Ramond Lighting

The Fredrick Ramond collection includes both take-offs on classic styles (Art Nouveau, Mid-Century Modern) and contemporary lighting. At a glance, you can see the beautiful colors, intricate designs and luxurious materials that go into Fredrick Ramond home light fixtures. But look more closely and that's when the quality really becomes apparent. The glass used is thick and sparkling, as are the strategically placed crystal dangles. Many of the finishes are carefully hand-applied. Such artful craftsmanship gives Fredrick Ramond lighting beauty that will last.

A Fun Fact About Fredrick Ramond

Fredrick Ramond Glassman's design creativity was actually nurtured by a medical condition. Suffering from asthma, Ramond had to stay in bed a lot as a child. According to his brother, Charlie, to combat boredom, Ramond spent his time sitting in bed sketching and drawing and assembling model planes and cars.

Noteworthy Lighting From Fredrick Ramond

The Xanadu collection is worthy of its legendary name, glistening and sparkling with chromed, laser-cut steel frames and polished dangles of crystal. Similar high craftsmanship is paired with modern environmental friendliness in the Zen and Loft collections, with their warm, sustainable wood shades and energy efficient LEDs.

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Fredrick Ramond