Wind River Fans

The Wind River Story

Wind River, a Texas-based company, uses cutting-edge materials and manufacturing practices to build the highest quality fans available in the market today. Founded in 2014, the company introduces a fresh perspective to both the artistic and technological aspects of fan development, though the founders themselves have over 60 years combined experience in the industry. Their fans all have a lifetime warranty and range from traditional to modern, indoor to outdoor, residential to commercial, LED light function, giving you a wide selection to address all your fan needs.

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Why We Love Wind River Fans

Wind River gives a simple, no-nonsense mission statement: to build the best ceiling fans possible, utilizing state-of-the-art materials and production. And the spirit of this straightforward philosophy radiates from each and every product. Common among Wind River ceiling fans are authentic walnut wood blades that not only sweep the surrounding air for a pleasant circulation, but are also tactile and have a wonderful organic aesthetic. Similarly, their eclectic series of motor housing finishes, such as nickel and bronze, create innovative shapes and designs that will leave a lasting impression.

Fun Facts About Wind River

The Wind River team set out to develop a low profile, contemporary flush mount model with an integrated LED light kit. The process proved successful and the "Zorion" was born. With only a 10.8 inch drop, the Zorion is perfect for those low ceiling heights in bedrooms and beyond.

Noteworthy Products from Wind River

The LED light platform is fast becoming the way of the future not only for energy conservation, but for aesthetic value as well. The Neopolis, Solero, and Zorion incorporate this platform gracefully. The cornerstone Novato model boasts a 70-inch diameter, DC motor and LED light function that makes it a true energy saver.

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Wind River