The Structures Story

Structures was founded in Nantes, France, in 2004 by Jean Francois Michon and shipbuilder Nicolas Pichelin on the insistence of contemporary artists who wished for innovative, technical solutions to their projects. Pichelin’s background in shipbuilding and rigging boats had given him ample skill to apply composite materials such as carbon, glass fiber, flax, and basalt to help French luxury brands and designers make their ideas come to life.

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Due to their ongoing success, Structures became industrialized in 2012 and further marketed innovative designs, this time to the general public through an extensive network of concept stores in France and abroad.

Why We Love Structures Lighting

Structures is built on the passion for solving technological challenges. They thrive on the continuous search for new solutions, new materials to test and implement. Their expertise in the application of composite materials has not only helped artists, designers, publishers, and architects to create products previously thought impossible, but they have also begun marketing their innovative pieces to the everyday consumer.

Fun Facts About Structures

Structures co-founder, Nicolas Pichelin, races yachts across the world’s oceans in popular competitions. He won a race known as the America’s Cup in a maxi-catamaran.

Noteworthy Lighting from Structures

You’ve never seen anything like the S7 LED Floor Lamp. This fixture’s serpentine structure is made from composite materials that are both flexible and rigid for maximum adjustability. It is the pinnacle of practicality, bending, twisting, and turning its LED head in any direction, in any possible shape to suit your needs or even your curiosity.

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