Stone Lighting

The Stone Lighting Story

To fully appreciate the breadth and scope of what Stone Lighting brings to the (illuminated) table, you have to actually go back in time. In essence, before the beginning. Jack Stone, patriarch of the Stone family, founded the House-O-Lite Corporation in 1950. And then in 1971, his son Jack incorporated LBL Lighting, which the Stone family built into a lighting leader before a capital venture firm absorbed the company in the mid ‘00s.

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LBL Lighting continues to live on...and so do the Stones. After a brief respite, the family returned in 2010 with Stone Lighting, a full-service lighting company that comprehensively covers all segments of the market. With over six decades of invested experience and collective knowledge, the Stones have an intuitive understanding of what the people want, and are back with an expansive collection of lighting that covers inside to outside, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling.

Why We Love Stone Lighting

It’s all about family. In addition to the actual family behind Stone Lighting, there’s an extended and extensive second family, with 90% of the company’s customer service, production and office support team having been with the Stones for more than 10 years. Quality is a Stone hallmark that has been carried over from those decades spent at LBL. All the company’s fixtures are designed in-house by Andy Stone, and each is hand-built to order. The interceding human element allows the builders to personally assess individual components for slight variations in color, finish and texture of the materials (including authentic Murano glass) to ensure the finished product is truly the sum of all its parts.

Fun Facts About Stone Lighting

Reinforcing the importance of family (in every sense of the word), many Stone Lighting fixtures are named after relatives, friends and employees. Set within the context of today’s corporate-driven business world, we’d call that refreshing.

Noteworthy Products from Stone Lighting

With its slim, mid-century silhouette, the Stone Lighting Boomer Chandelier certainly makes an impact. Five super slender tube arms each take two 90° turns, allowing the sockets to point toward the center. The unique design is complemented by vintage-reproduction bulbs, whose decorative filaments add another dimension of visual interest.

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Stone Lighting