The MacMaster Story

Launched in 2009, MacMaster is a small design studio located in England that specializes in handcrafted wood lighting and furniture. Founder Alex MacMaster and his team of accomplished artists undertake all aspects of design, development and manufacturing—remarkably, under one roof at their production site in Worcestershire.

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MacMaster has perfected their design process using traditional and modern methods of production (including repurposed cast iron machinery from the 1970s). By choosing responsibly harvested timbers and upcycling wood during production, MacMaster is dedicated to the preservation of natural resources.

Why We Love MacMaster Lighting

MacMaster’s approach to design is completely inspired by the beauty of nature. There’s visible reference to flora and fauna in each lighting and furniture design, which are made from solid wood timbers and veneers. Each piece is handmade from start to finish; carving, staining and assembly are done in-house to guarantee the quality and perfection of each design.

Fun Facts About MacMaster

In 2011, the Iris Pendant was awarded at the New Design Britain at Interiors. The following year, the Bloom pendant series was honorably mentioned at the 2012 Wood Awards.

Noteworthy Lighting from MacMaster

The MacMaster Eclipse Pendant is a swirling visual of glowing and obscured light made from thin strips of Birch plywood. The offsetting layers create a warm ambiance as light bounces between the inner and outer shades. The openings in the interior are mostly hidden from view, giving the appearance of a solid wood shade on the inside. The thinness of the plywood helps to create a natural glow, while an opening at the base creates solid down light.

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