PELLE Lighting

The PELLE Story

The Yale School of Architecture brought Korean-American designer Jean Pelle and German designer Oliver Pelle together to form PELLE, a company that applies an interdisciplinary approach to their architectural and decorative creations.

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Based in Red Hook, a small corner of Brooklyn, New York, PELLE is constantly reimagining and observing the materials and spaces around them. Employing a multitude of pristine materials, PELLE aims for their pieces—ranging from lighting to furniture—to be “lived with, handled, worn and enjoyed.”

Why We Love PELLE

PELLE is constantly searching for the beauty in the primary elements of their design. The acute attention to materiality and function imbues each of their designs with a decorative purpose. As a whole, the beautiful and playful designs give a sense that each designer’s personality influenced the form of each creation.

Fun Facts About PELLE Lighting

Since their debut at New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in 2013, PELLE continues to gain notoriety in the design community. In 2016, PELLE was awarded in the category of “Best Young Americans” by the Wallpaper* Design Awards.

Noteworthy Lighting from PELLE

The Original Bubble Chandelier has grown into a collection with nine different shapes and sizes. The handblown glass globes culminate in an effervescent and airy design that sparkles with light. The natural cotton or leather coiling wraps around the structure, adding a luxurious textural element to the machined metal finish.

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