Emerson Fans

The Emerson Fans Story

Charles and Alexander Meston, Scotland-born brothers, started a motor company in the late 1800s with the financial backing of John Wesley Emerson. They invented the world's first brush-type fan motor in 1890 (a.k.a., the desk fan), and 5 years later, the Mestons introduced their finest invention to date: the ceiling fan. Named after Emerson, this invention was the birth of a new era in comfort.

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Emerson Fans are also the proud inventors of the direct current (DC) fan, greatly reducing the amount of required energy to cool a home. Now, thanks to Emerson's innovation, many designers integrate DC motors into their ceiling fans.

Why We Love Emerson Fans

Emerson Fans has the longest history in the market than any other fan company, and it shows. Emerson ceiling fans are of an exceptionally high quality, and they continually look for innovative ways to make ceiling fans better, more efficient, more cost effective, and of course, better looking. They offer both traditional and more contemporary styled fans, appealing to a wide audience without losing their edge. Thanks to their inventive nature, Emerson Fans also boasts the most DC ceiling fan models on the market.

A Fun Fact About Emerson Fans

In 1940, Emerson Fans was called upon by the United States Army to help in the war effort. Temporarily shutting down their fan motor business, Emerson Fans made over 10 million brass shell casings instead, aiding the U.S. troops. In addition to their innovative DC technology, Emerson seeks to provide a solution for almost any need by offering outdoor fans, ceiling fans with lights, hugger ceiling fans, fans with large blade spans and all of the parts and accessories you can think of.

Noteworthy Fans by Emerson Fans

The first DC model from Emerson, the Midway Eco Fan is still one of the most popular designs and one of the most popular DC ceiling fans on the market today. It's got a clean, contemporary look that works with practically any design scheme. And the Luxe Eco Ceiling Fan, another DC model, enhances any transitional space and is available in a variety of blade sizes and colors. Finally, the Highpoint Ceiling Fan is one of Emerson's best-selling and customer-favorite models. It features a noticeably industrial aesthetic with a metallic body, 3 customizable blades and an optional downlight.

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Emerson Fans