District Eight

The District Eight Story

Since its foundation in 2010, the Vietnam-based furniture company District Eight has made its mark on the modern furniture world. District Eight designs are contemporary, spare and marked by emphasis on function, featuring an early industrial touch through their choice of materials and hardware. Using a mixture of hand crafted features and assistance from modern technology, the designers at District Eight have created durable, high-quality and aesthetically distinctive pieces of furniture that are sure to impress.

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Why We Love District Eight Furniture

With their combination of early industrial aesthetics and modern craft, the products of District Eight feature a style that highlights their functionality. Their old fashioned visual embellishments and handcrafted nature provide a gritty period vibe, and their strong wood and metal construction ensure a product that will last through frequent use.

A Fun Fact About District Eight

The rough industrial look of District Eight products is directly inspired by the look of Ho Chi Mihn City, out of which the company is based. Despite wearing their local influences on their sleeve, the company’s audience is global – the products received a great reception at the International Furniture Fair Singapore, and are used all over the world.

Noteworthy Products From District Eight

The Distrikt collection offers one of the most direct and uncluttered displays of the District Eight style, featuring simple wooden designs supported by vintage-looking metal legs. Meanwhile, the District Eight Ping Pong, Shuffleboard and Foosball Bar Table integrate the brand’s trademark look and build with the joy of play.

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District Eight