Modern Mailbox

The Modern Mailbox Story

If you love Mid-Century Modern design, odds are you've had a pretty good time of it lately. Mid-century modern furniture, lighting and accessories are as popular today as they were 60 years ago. However, there has been one item that has been sorely lacking in modern retro style: the mailbox. This fact was more than apparent to Rob Baker. After years of searching and not finding one suitable for his 1953 home, Baker decided to create the mailbox himself. With that, Modern Mailbox was born.

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Why We Love Modern Mailbox Designs

How designers have managed to pass the Mid-Century Modern mailbox by, we don't know. But thanks to Modern Mailbox, we don't have to wonder or worry any longer. The design is perfect in its simplicity: long and lean with strategic decorative openings on the front panel. Modern Mailbox mailboxes are made using high quality steel that is coated in one (or three) of several basic and retro powder coat finishes. So the retro cool and convenience will add to the front of your home all the way through the next mid-century.

A Fun Fact About Modern Mailbox

The concept for Modern Mailbox first came from a stroll through Rob Baker's post-war neighborhood. After noticing that many of the Mid-Century homes in his neighborhood were missing an appealing mailbox, he began the first mock-ups of what would become the mailboxes featured here.

Noteworthy Products from Modern Mailbox

All of the Mid-Century Modern Mailboxes are designed to add color and character to that type of period style home. They catch the eye with an array of retro color options and the distinctive open slot design on the front panel.

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Modern Mailbox