The IonDesign Story

There were two reasons why Bill Forberg founded IonDesign in 2013. First, it was an ideal way for him to revel in his love of mid-century modern design. Secondly, it was the ideal way for him to share this love with the world, by curating a collection of modern furniture that manages to have broad appeal yet retain its sense of "specialness." The resulting selection of IonDesign furniture is contemporary yet solidly rooted in the design tenets from the last mid-century.

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Why We Love IonDesign Furniture

IonDesign takes aspects of Danish Modern and American mid-century modern design and tweaks them for contemporary living spaces. The lines Of IonDesign furniture are clean, the finishes are warm and the upholstery is soft and crisply tailored. Each piece is carefully crafted--using time-honored construction methods like mortise and tenon joinery--to add long-lasting quality and character to pretty much any modern interior.

Fun Facts About IonDesign

The company name is a take off on the phrase "eye on design," indicating Forberg's focus on keeping an eye out for great designs. The word "ion" also hints at the Atomic Age of the 1950s and '60s, which was also the era of design that most inspires IonDesign furniture.

Noteworthy from IonDesign

The Vintage collection epitomizes the IonDesign design philosophy. Each piece incorporates willowy, tapered legs combined with expansive planes of rich American black walnut. While certainly ideally suited for contemporary spaces, such elegant minimalism and use of fine materials are clearly inspired by classic Danish Modern design.

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