Decode London

The Decode London Story

Decode was co-founded by friends Ryan Malone and Glies Massie-Taylor in 2007. Based in East London, their company has collaborated with many talented designers, architects, artists, master craftsmen, specialist producers, and quality manufacturers across the UK and Europe. They believe that higher quality products are developed through regular discussion, and so they make it a priority to stay involved in all stages of production, from the initial concept to distributing and marketing for the finished product.

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Through their effective use of traditional materials such as blown glass, casting, and solid wood, Decode has transcended from a small collective of skilled designers to an award-winning company that showcases their collection of modern British designs in 28 countries across 6 continents.

Why We Love Decode Lighting

Decode loves collaborating with the most creative, talented people in all stages of production. As a result, their products have an elite quality of design and production that eventually won them “Best New Brand” in 2009 at the British Design Awards. They also reach out to up-and-coming designers and give them a platform to showcase their amazing talent. And, despite many bold collaborations with many different people, their collection remains consistent, unified in both look and feel that ultimately champions the modern British aesthetic.

Fun Facts About Decode London

Within six months of being established, Decode designed six products for a preview in Milan in 2008, followed by six more for the official launch at the London Design Festival. A few months later, in 2009, they won “Best New Brand” at The British Design Awards.

Noteworthy Lighting from Decode London

It was Benjamin Hubert’s Heavy Light that initially put Decode on the design radar. Individually slip-cast and left inverted in the mold during the drying process, the resultant form develops air pockets and marble-like patterns for a tactile interior while the exterior retains a gorgeous fluidity. And the Vessel Pendant is a go-to choice if you love the look of exposed bulb lighting.

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