The Vitamin Story

Before creating Vitamin Lighting as their own personal brand, brothers Andy and Chris Vernall had already established prolific careers in the product design industry with their studio, V2. Based out of London since 2005, V2 Studios spans multiple sectors producing patented technology for audio devices, toys, automobiles—even furniture and lighting under Vitamin.

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Whereas V2 Studios develops products for outside clients and high-profile companies, Vitamin is an outlet for the brothers to create more personable and unique products that they themselves would enjoy.

Why We Love Vitamin Lighting

The quirky styles and bold shapes of Vitamin undoubtedly come from their work designing toys. There is a playful levity apparent in their lighting designs, presenting minimalistic fixtures with vibrant colors that make a statement, rather than a product that blends in to the background.

Fun Facts About Vitamin

Along with their team at V2 Studios, Andy and Chris have contributed to designs for Hasbro, Playskool and Philips. Recently, V2 Studios helped relaunch the product design for Furby.

Noteworthy Products from Vitamin

The Vitamin Knot Pendant anchors a transparent beaker of hand-blown glass with a tightly knotted electrical cord. The use of a “Monkey-Fist” knot at the apex of the internal structure is a deliberate choice, for the knot is known to be strong, steadily supporting the glass diffuser. The clever design encourages the mixing and matching of vibrant cord colors for dynamic groupings.

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