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Red Pendant Lighting

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280 Results
Shade Color: Red
  • isskuS7 Vertigo Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $1,46500 - $1,86500
  • isskuS7 Link Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $65600 - $1,12000 $820.00 - $1,400.00
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Unfold Pendant
  • isskuS7 Flowerpot VP7 Pendant
    $65500 - $1,01500
  • isskuS7 E27 Mini Pendant Light
  • isskuS7 Cirque Pendant Light
    3 Size Options
    $50000 - $1,07500
  • isskuS7 Aplomb GU10 Mini Pendant
    $73200 - $89700
  • isskuS7 Knit Wit Round Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $61200 - $71400 $720.00 - $840.00
    15% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Lora Pendant
    $85200 - $1,22100 $1,065.00 - $1,526.25
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Renata Pendant
    $43200 - $1,28700 $540.00 - $1,608.75
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Delfina Pendant
    $63900 $798.75
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 New Wave Linear S Suspension
    Shade Color
    $1,13600 - $1,60000 $1,420.00 - $2,000.00
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 NomNom LED Pendant
    $68400 - $69500
  • isskuS7 Martini Mini Pendant
    Shade Color
    $8160 - $10400 $102.00 - $130.00
    20% Savings Today
    Free String Light with a qualifying purchase
  • isskuS7 Zara Mini Pendant
    Shade Color
    $18300 - $22200 $228.75 - $277.50
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Agatha Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $1,16000 - $3,36000 $1,450.00 - $4,200.00
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Emblem Pendant
    3 Size Options
    $19500 - $35000
  • isskuS7 PH 3 ½ - 3 Pendant
  • isskuS7 FL/Y Pendant
    $39500 - $1,24500
  • isskuS7 Delfina 80 Pendant
    $92100 $1,151.25
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Bobo 1 Pendant
    Shade Color
    $16800 - $18300 $210.00 - $228.75
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Caxixi Pendant
  • isskuS7 Wireline LED Pendant Light
    $4,00000 $5,000.00
    20% Savings today
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Why Choose Red Pendant Lights for Your Home

There is no doubt about it: adding red to your home's color design is a bold choice. Depending on the shade and brightness, the color of red can pull many different emotions out of your home's design. With a brighter red, you can add feelings of drama and passion to the focal points to your home while with more subtle and darker reds, you can bring out the warmth and coziness of a room.

By their very nature, pendant lights draw attention. By choosing a contemporary red pendant light for a kitchen, dining room, or living room, you can take your home's design to its next level of emotion.

Where Red Hanging Lamps Works Best

Red hanging lights add the element of color, helping to tie your design scheme together for a cohesive look. With all of this in mind, red pendant lighting works well in the dining room or kitchen above a dining table, island or counter, delivering plenty of illumination for meals, homework and household tasks. You might also hang pendant lamps in the corner of a room where you wish to create a cozy reading nook or a series of pendants along a bar in your finished basement. The red hue helps to create the right mood and the style of the pendant lamp tells the light exactly where to go. In commercial locations, including restaurants, retail spaces, and business offices, a red pendant stands out among other elements of decor already present.

Red Pendant Lights for Every Style

No matter if you prefer a subtle rouge tint or a more dramatic blush, the many styles of red pendant lights make it easy to find just the right fixture for your home. Consider the polished industrial charm of Muuto, featuring bare bulbs and simplistic bowls that add a bit of raw beauty to your home's look. Tech Lighting embraces the charismatic aesthetics of contemporary styles, offering vibrant hues, distinctive patterns, and clever finishing touches, like an attractive red cord color in a modern multi-light pendant. Pendant lighting designs by FontanaArte uphold vintage styles while updating the look with bold colors and high-gloss sheen to better suit modern living spaces.

Choosing the Best Red Pendant Lighting

The gallant red hue brings a lot of charm and warmth to the home, making red pendant lights, and a nice choice for many different spaces. Be sure you know where you intend to hang your light before making a purchase so you can ensure you select the right size and specifications. Measure the room's width and length and then add them together to get the ideal diameter of the fixture (in inches). Also, keep in mind whether you will hardwire or plug in your light as well as how high you will be hanging it as that can impact the cord length. If you have any questions about the red pendant light fixtures featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

If you appreciate the look and feel of red pendant lighting, you may also enjoy other colorful lighting options. Consider cool for an additional burst of color that infuses a soothing air into the rooms of your home. You may also enjoy the timeless charm of copper pendant lighting and bronze pendant lighting, which offer stately appeal and sophistication. And once your ceiling lighting is complete, consider complementing the fixtures with portable floor lamps and versatile table lamps. You'll find a well-rounded amount of light brings tasteful personality to the room.