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Shade Color: Yellow
  • isskuS7 Unfold Pendant
  • isskuS7 Link Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $65600 - $1,12000 $820.00 - $1,400.00
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  • isskuS7 Flowerpot VP7 Pendant
    $65500 - $1,01500
  • isskuS7 E27 Mini Pendant Light
  • isskuS7 Cirque Pendant Light
    3 Size Options
    $50000 - $1,07500
  • isskuS7 Aplomb GU10 Mini Pendant
    $73200 - $89700
  • isskuS7 Knit Wit Round Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $61200 - $71400 $720.00 - $840.00
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  • isskuS7 Lora Pendant
    $85200 - $1,22100 $1,065.00 - $1,526.25
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  • isskuS7 Renata Pendant
    $43200 - $1,28700 $540.00 - $1,608.75
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  • isskuS7 Delfina Pendant
    $63900 $798.75
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 NomNom LED Pendant
    $68400 - $69500
  • isskuS7 Zara Mini Pendant
    Shade Color
    $18300 - $22200 $228.75 - $277.50
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  • isskuS7 Agatha Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $1,16000 - $3,36000 $1,450.00 - $4,200.00
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  • isskuS7 Standard Collection Pendant
    2 Size Options
    $49000 - $69000
  • isskuS7 PH 3 ½ - 3 Pendant
  • isskuS7 Akoya LED Pendant
    Shade Color
    2 Size Options


    $96770 - $1,41650
  • isskuS7 Delfina 80 Pendant
    $92100 $1,151.25
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Cromia Mini Pendant
    3 Size Options
    $39800 - $44600
  • isskuS7 Caxixi Pendant
  • isskuS7 Papillons LED Pendant
    4 Size Options
    $30400 $380.00
    20% Savings Today
    Free String Light with a qualifying purchase
  • isskuS7 Stone Mini Pendant, Set of 2
  • isskuS7 Stack Pendant


  • isskuS7 Classico 1-Light Pendant
    $13000 - $16000

The Benefits of Yellow Pendant Lighting

For brilliant illumination, yellow pendant lighting is the ultimate Home light fixtures for modern homes. Suitable for areas like living rooms, bedrooms, and rec rooms, yellow pendant lighting is the perfect way to wind down after a long day. The soft amber color of yellow pendant lighting his further highlighted buyouts for minor shades, unintelligible, and contemporary Single and multi down rods. Yellow pendant lights get their brilliant color either from colored glass shades, tinted lamping, or a combination of both.

Top Pendant Lighting Brands for Modern Spaces

When choosing the perfect interior yellow hanging lights for your space, the top brands offer a wide range of modern options. If you’re interested in pendant lights that marry natural elements like mahogany and rosewood with lustrous metallic hardware, jefdesigns offers bold fixtures with undeniable appeal. These pendants have a retro feel and feature eye-catching graphics are available various shade sizes highlighted by striking patterns in either vibrant yellow or green hues.

For spaces that would benefit from mid-century modern chandeliers and pendant lighting, Mitzi offers a versatile selection of pendant fixtures and complementary yellow wall sconces, flushmounts, chandeliers, and floor lamps. These bold pendants feature LED or incandescent lamping accented with upscale shades that are perfectly suited to contemporary, traditional or mid-century modern rooms. Available in metal shade finishes like Polished Copper, Aged Brass, and Polished Nickel as well as stylish clear or frosted glass, these gorgeous pendant lights are a welcome addition to any modern space.

Featuring futuristic silhouette and a variety of remarkable shades, Fabbian offers an impressive assortment of single and multiple light pendants for modern interiors. These beautiful light fixtures create a warm glow that is perfect for minimalist, contemporary, or even mid-century modern décor styles. With shade materials ranging from translucent lead crystal to frosted blown glass and adjustable down rods made from die-cast aluminum, Fabbian offers stunning ceiling fixtures composed of multiple yellow mini pendants that make a bold statement in formal dining areas, grand foyers, and any other space that benefits from a spectacular lighting display.

How to Choose the Perfect Yellow Pendant Light

When choosing a pendant light, you want to consider personal preferences and think about the square footage and ceiling height of the room where the pendant lighting will be installed. For rooms with high or vaulted ceilings, longer, adjustable pendant lights are a good choice. Larger rooms can also benefit from choosing a pendant consisting of several smaller lights grouped together. It is a good idea to choose a pendant light that is part of a broader collection from a collection created to matching recessed lighting, sconces, and other fixtures.

No matter what type of pendant light you choose, bringing a yellow pendant light into your space is a great way to add flair while maintaining the contemporary feel of the room. Whether it is a single pendant with a laid-back aesthetic or a dramatic multi-light pendant with blown glass shades dangling at varying heights, a beautiful ceiling light is the perfect finishing touch.

If pendant lighting does not fit what you have in mind for your home, you may also be interested in selecting lighting with a similar color such as , , or .