Siemon & Salazar

The Siemon & Salazar Story

Siemon & Salazar was launched in 1999 by Caleb Siemon, a protégé of master glass blower Pino Signoretto, and Carman Salazar, architect and designer with a background in sculpture and art history. This husband and wife team creates fixtures with a simplicity of form that reflects the evolved detail of the Muranese and the balance and restraint of the Scandinavians.

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Each piece is made with lead-free crystal which gives the glass a translucent brilliance without toxicity. Their high-quality products are now featured in fine homes and commercial venues around the world.

Why We Love Siemon & Salazar Glass Lighting

Siemon & Salazar glass lighting is the result of years of study with famed glass blower Pino Signoretto and incorporating the ideas of countless artists who had visited their studio. From this mentorship and fellowship with others in the glass blowing community, Siemon was able to develop his own signature style that now illuminates homes and businesses everywhere. Each piece is handcrafted and unique, the shapes playful and attractive. Stunning colors come to life in their blown glass pendant lights, from mouthwatering lime to a combination of sunset hues. The pieces are heavy, too, indicative of their quality and value.

Fun Facts About Siemon & Salazar

Caleb Siemon journeyed to Murano, Italy with only a backpack and a few memorized words of Italian. He hoped to receive a mentorship from world-class glass blower Pino Signoretto. However, Signoretto was not easily won over by the arrival of this passionate young man and refused his request for an entire month. Eventually, Siemon’s persistence and noticeable talent earned him two years of mentorship with Signoretto.

Noteworthy Lighting from Siemon & Salazar

The vibrant colors and undulating stripes of the Banded Orb Pendant is one of Siemon & Salazar’s best sellers.

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Siemon & Salazar