NUD Collection

The NUD Collection Story

NUD Collection (Nordic Ultimate Design) started when Swedish designer, Staffan Svensson, expanded his platform with Frinab, a cable-making company. In 2009, Svensson started NUD with a passion to make plain, beautiful things with simple, strong materials and utilized his knowledge of the textile cable and interior lighting to create the NUD pendant light.

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Called the NUD Classic Pendant, this naked suspension concept took off immediately and can be purchased in countries all around the world.

Why We Love NUD Lighting

Simple, strong and modern. NUD Collection encourages you to be the designer, offering its Classic Pendant in a fun range of colors and working with any medium base bulb. The colorful textile cord is a durable, unique alternative to the typical black plastic, and the bulb can be combined with the shade of your choice (though you may want to keep the look... well, nude). Did we mention NUD Collection will challenge your perception of "proper" design?

Fun Facts About NUD Collection

Swedish designer Synnove used the NUD Classic Pendant to design a project for the Swedish Royal Wedding.

Noteworthy Lighting from NUD Collection

Once a classic, always a classic: check out the NUD Classic Pendant here and check out all the bright color options that will serve any space.

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NUD Collection