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Square Dining Room Tables

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43 Results
  • isskuS7 Invisible Table
  • isskuS7 Oak Torsion Square Dining Table
    $1,45710 - $1,56510 $1,619.00 - $1,739.00
    10% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Jut Table 90
    $1,28000 - $2,77000
  • isskuS7 Bistro+ Square Table


    $35100 - $38400
  • isskuS7 Sarah Square Table
    9 Product Options
    $81100 - $4,54800
  • isskuS7 Sarah Square Table
    2 Size Options
    $1,01430 - $1,13760 $1,127.00 - $1,264.00
    10% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Opera+ Carronde Square Table


  • isskuS7 Florence Knoll Square Dining Table
    $8,22460 - $9,58460 $9,676.00 - $11,276.00
    15% Savings + Free Shipping Today
  • isskuS7 20-06 Square Café Table
    3 Size Options
    $78000 - $1,75500
  • isskuS7 Craft Square Dining Table


  • isskuS7 Bistro High Table
  • isskuS7 Resto Square Table


  • isskuS7 Catalina Square Table
    11 Product Options
    $1,23800 - $6,64000
  • isskuS7 TopTop Cafe Table II
    2 Size Options
    $1,09500 - $1,16500
  • isskuS7 Faz Square Cafe Table
  • isskuS7 Run Table - Black Frame
    4 Size Options
    $1,99000 - $4,38500
  • isskuS7 Harbour Column Square Bar Table
    $84500 - $1,21500
  • isskuS7 1 Inch Cafe Table Square, Wood Top
    Base Finish
    3 Size Options
    $95000 - $1,93000
  • isskuS7 1 Inch Bar Table Square, Wood Top
    Base Finish
    2 Size Options
    $98500 - $1,63500
  • isskuS7 Allure O' Square Dining Table


    $7,83800 - $16,85700
  • isskuS7 Luxembourg Square Pedestal Table


    $1,17200 - $1,65100
  • isskuS7 1 Inch Bar Table Square
    2 Size Options
    $1,29000 - $1,52500
  • isskuS7 2 Inch Flat Base Cafe Table
    $2,21000 - $3,21500
  • isskuS7 Run High Table - Black Frame
    6 Size Options
    $1,95000 - $4,59000

Why We Love Square Dining Tables

Nothing brings the family together like a good meal, and you need a comfortable space to gather and dine. Square dining tables are versatile additions to your home, whether you're decorating your dining room or kitchen. These tables offer plenty of tabletop space for a crowd, and their design encourages good conversation. When you add a square dining table to your space, you instantly create a comfortable and inviting dining space that's ready for your next family dinner or celebration.

Where Square Dining Tables Work Best

Square top dining tables work well in both informal and formal dining spaces. A kitchen breakfast nook can serve as the home to a small square dining table. Here, your family can gather for daily meals, or your children can do their homework at this space. You can also find a larger table that's ready for its own home in your dining room. Here, this table serves as a formal dining space, whether you're hosting Thanksgiving or throwing a dinner party in your home. Paired with your favorite chairs, square dining tables are versatile additions to your home, creating comfortable and elegant dining spaces in your kitchen or dining room.

A Square Dining Table for Every Style

From classic silhouettes to modern looks, square dining tables come in an array of styles. Explore the different types of tables available to find the right one for your home. For example, Domitalia dining tables are spacious tables that can seat up to eight people. Clean lines and neutral finishes make these tables complementary in many homes. Kartell's square top dining tables feature sleek geometric designs and neutral finishes, ranging from black to aluminum and white. For a traditional touch, check out Copeland Furniture's designs. These dining tables boast sturdy wooden designs and rich wood finishes, including cherry and walnut.

How to Choose the Best Square Dining Tables

Square dining tables come in many designs, so shop thoughtfully when you're selecting the right one for your home. Consider the type of table that you prefer. You can find sturdy wood tables that add a traditional vibe to your space. Or, opt for a sleek modern metallic table for a more contemporary look. The color and finish of your dining table can shape the look of your dining space, so choose one that suits your home. You can find rich cherry wood tables or neutral white or silver ones. When you're shopping for dining tables, also consider your existing chairs -- or chairs you plan to purchase -- to ensure they coordinate to create a perfect set. These considerations will guide you to the perfect square dining room table for you. If you have any questions about the square dining tables featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Square dining tables are just one way to create a functional dining and entertaining space in your home. Explore , which come in an array of modern and traditional styles. Dining room chairs are a must when you're investing in a new table, so look for a style that complements the table you choose. Finally, complete the new look of your space with dining room lighting. You can find chandeliers and wall-mounted sconces that can accent your room.