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Round Dining Room Tables

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California Modern Round
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15 Results
Style: California Modern Shape: Round
  • isskuS7 Androgyne Round Dining Table
    2 Size Options
    $4,45500 - $5,74500
  • isskuS7 Oak Mikado Round Dining Table
    $3,70900 - $4,19900
  • isskuS7 Hudson Round Dining Table
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  • isskuS7 Wallingford Dining Table
    2 Size Options


    $2,50500 - $2,99400
  • isskuS7 IE Series Kaia Round Dining Table
  • isskuS7 Exeter Round Glass Top Dining Table
    3 Size Options
    $2,03300 - $2,90700
  • isskuS7 Exeter Round Dining Table
    3 Size Options
    $2,16900 - $4,07400
  • isskuS7 Patrice Round Dining Table
    2 Size Options


  • isskuS7 Bancroft Round Dining Table


    $1,99500 - $2,49500
  • isskuS7 Circle Dining Table
    2 Size Options
    $3,02900 - $3,84900
  • isskuS7 Oak Bok Round Extendable Dining Table
    $4,19900 - $4,86900
  • isskuS7 Brockton Dining Table
    2 Size Options
    $3,40000 - $4,04000
  • isskuS7 Good Times Round Dining Table
  • isskuS7 Faz Wood Round Lounge Table
    $1,90000 - $2,17200 $2,375.00 - $2,715.00
    20% Savings Today
  • isskuS7 Cross Bar Table
     Customization Available
    $5,20000 - $6,90000

Why We Love Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables are ideal for entertaining. Let the family gather around the table for dinner and long conversations afterward. These tables offer ample tabletop space, enough for feeding a crowd, which makes entertaining easier than ever before. Plus, their round shape makes group conversation easy. These tables fit neatly into both cozy breakfast nooks and spacious dining rooms, as well as other spots around the home, making them a seamless addition to your space. Encourage family dining at a timeless round dining table.


Where Round Dining Tables Work Best

Your home might offer several potential dining spaces, and these areas may be ideal for round top dining tables. First, explore your kitchen for possible spots to create a cozy dining area. You might have a breakfast nook in this space, or perhaps your kitchen opens to your family room, with a dining space in between. Circular dining tables also work well in your formal dining room. In this space, these contemporary dining tables serve as your formal dining space in your home, creating an ideal spot for your next dinner party.

A Round-Top Dining Table for Every Style

Round dining tables offer an array of features, making each style unique. Explore the different styles of these tables to find one that best suits your home. Copeland Furniture's tables feature splayed legs, with some including extensions that make the table larger for entertaining. These tables come in many rich wood finishes, including cherry and walnut. Saloom Furniture includes many durable round dining tables, including those with glass and wood tabletops. Their silhouettes allow for extra leg room, maximizing your comfort and the style of your kitchen or dining area. Finally, look to the collection of circular dining tables from Tom Dixon. These well-designed dining tables showcase industrial style with a glamorous touch and metallic features.

How to Choose the Best Round Dining Table

Modern dining room tables work well in many homes, but you want to take time to select the right one for your unique space. When you're shopping for these tables, consider what style you prefer. You can find sturdy wooden tables in a range of finishes, as well as sleek, modern tables with metal bases and glass tabletops. Look for the right hue for your home, whether you want a colorful round tabletop or a classic neutrally hued one. Finally, consider any special features that are important to you. For example, you might prefer a table that is expandable so that you accommodate extra guests when you're entertaining. By choosing the construction, finish and features right for your home, you're sure to find the right round dining table for you. If you have any questions about the round dining tables featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486

Other Considerations

Round dining tables are just one way to decorate your dining room or kitchen breakfast nook. You'll want to check out other types of dining room furniture as well. Explore other styles and shapes of tables, then suit them with a perfect pair of dining chairs. And while you're decorating your room with a new table, consider complementing the table with dining benches to provide comfortable and versatile seating in the space. Lastly, for a finishing touch to your newly furnished dining room, select a luxurious chandelier to add illumination and glamour to your space.