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White Dining Chairs

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191 Results
  • Panton Chair (1999)
  • Masters Chair - Set of 2
    $74000 - $75000
  • Louis Ghost Chair Set of 2
  • Victoria Ghost Chair Set of 2
  • Tulip Armless Chair with Seat Cushion
    Base Finish
    $2,06900 - $2,79000
  • Bellini Chair Set of 4
  • Africa Outdoor Armchair - Set of 4
  • Masters Chair - Set of 4
  • Flat Bar Brno Chair
    $3,50100 - $6,70500
  • Drop Chair - Plastic


  • Vera Dining Chair
  • Decade Dining Chair
  • Piana Chair


  • Signal Dining Chair
    $34000 $425.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Lean Chair
    $43000 - $52000
  • Sweetwater Dining Chair


  • Skip Folding Chair
    $20315 - $22015
  • CH24 Wishbone Chair Soft Colors
    Frame Finish
  • Wall Street Armchair - Set of 2
  • Valerie Outdoor Arm Chair
    Frame Color
    $48400 $605.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Isabell Rattan Bistro Armchair
    Weave Color
    $39600 $495.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Sofie Chair Alu-Rattan
    Frame Color
    $44000 $550.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Metro Bailey Side Chair - Set of 4
  • Isabell Rattan Bistro Side Chair
    Weave Color
    $37840 $473.00
    20% Savings Today
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Why We Love White Dining Chairs

Playing with light and color is an easy and effective way to change the entire atmosphere of a room. White dining chairs instantly give a clean, bright feel to any space they’re in, and though the table is typically the focal point of the room, the chairs surrounding it are just as important. They work flawlessly both as dining room seating and accent chairs. White goes with essentially all decor, so consider them a blank canvas for you to play with. From acrylic and upholstered options to wooden frames and metal legs, there are white dining chairs options suited for every home.

Where White Dining Chairs Work the Best

Combine comfort, style, and functionality in one piece with white dining chairs. Use them around a table or as accent seating. Either way, they’ll instantly provide extra visual appeal to the room. Place outdoor options on a patio for a neutral tone that doesn’t just blend in with its surroundings. Or, add a pair of cozy upholstered white dining chairs to a small reading nook. The light color won’t crowd the space, but they’ll provide more than adequate seating for anyone looking to settle down with a book. And, white leather dining room chairs will stand out in a game room but uphold the rustic, pastoral atmosphere.

White Dining Chairs for Every Style

Available in every material, texture, even shade, there truly is a white dining chair for every style. Acrylic options with unusual unibody shapes will flatter extremely modern home decor while those with geometric shapes and classic lines will bring an art deco vibe. White leather dining chairs give a transitional feel that works well with both contemporary and classic decor. Modern, art deco, futuristic, classic, whichever style you choose, the fresh look and feel will instantly make your space feel cleaner, brighter, and more organized.

How to Choose the Best White Dining Room Chairs

A modern white dining chair will look good in every home, but not every chair is suited for every home. If you’ll be placing them around a table, make sure that the height fits appropriately. Available in sets of 4 and sets of 6, take into account their size and decide how many you’ll need and how many will fit with your table. And, though white may seem like a singular color, there are many, many different shades and tones available. Look for a white dining chair with blue undertones for the truest, cool white that will compliment a or opt for a white with some warmth for a more rustic feel.

Other Considerations

If you want to make a bold modern statement with your seating, consider pairing white dining chairs with their polar opposites, black ones. Similarly to their fairer cousin, are versatile and stunning. The dark color demands attention and provides a commanding presence. give a unique visual texture that is simultaneously comforting and austere. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your chairs and play with textures and tones.