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Bedroom Coat Racks

11 Results
  • Splash Coat Rack
  • Memorabilia Coat Rack
  • MENOTO Wall-Mounted Coat Rack
  • VENEA Coat Rack
  • Men's Galan Valet Stand
  • MENOTO Valet
    $22599 - $29999
  • Trumpet Coat Stand
  • Amos Coat Rack
  • Hanger Wall Rack
    2 Size Options
    $21000 - $30000
  • Copenhagen City Rack
  • Women's Galan Valet Stand

Learn More About Bedroom Coat Racks

Why We Love Bedroom Coat Racks

Keeping the bedroom clutter-free is a top priority and with a well-chosen coat rack, you can make sure your jackets, hats and other clothing items are stored where they need to be. But a coat rack can provide more than just its functional use. This selection of expertly designed coat racks for the bedroom help to bring out the character of the room through their unique shapes and colors.

Often considered a strictly useful element of interior decorating, a modern coat rack has the ability to complement other fixtures in the room and bring out the personality of the space. Colorful coat racks blend in well with vibrant choices of paint, lighting and furniture, while wall-mounted rack designs serve an elegant presence in any room. And whether you use a rack for decoration or for its intended purpose of keeping clothing off the bed or the floor, you'll find adding one of these designs is much appreciated.

A Bedroom Coat Rack for Every Style

As an accessory item to the bedroom's design, coat racks work their way into the room in a somewhat understated manner. Placed in the corner or mounted to the wall, a coat rack will round out the decor of the bedroom and provide a place to hang your clothing items. For bedrooms enriched with color, you'll like the Splash Coat Rack by Blu Dot. This coat rack is literally splashing with color and is offered in a number of hues to meet the existing color scheme of your room. Kartell is a go-to choice for wall-mounted coat racks and if you prefer the contemporary style of a stainless steel coat rack, be sure to check out the offering from Blomus. Finally, turn to a coat rack by Calligaris to really make a statement your bedroom.

How to Choose the Best Bedroom Coat Rack

Choosing the right coat rack for your room requires a keen eye and understanding of your current style. If your bedroom is marked with vibrant patterns, look to a colorful rack. Likewise, if your taste is more on the metallic side, a stainless steel rack is the better option. And be sure to properly measure the space where you plan to put the coat rack. Standing coat racks require very little real estate the room, but you'll need to pay attention of the height and width of any wall coat rack you choose. If you have any questions about the bedroom coat racks featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Continue to decorate your bedroom with additional furnishings and accents. You'll love keeping your floor covered with a modern area rug. Rugs bring personality to bare floors and are a great addition to hardwood bedroom floors. And don't forget to spread throw pillows and blankets on the bed to establish the room as comfortable and inviting. Finally, browse the assortment of bedroom lighting for ceiling lights, portable lamps and wall sconces you can use to appropriately illuminate the space.

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