VesseL USA

The Vessel USA Story

Initially created in 1950 Los Angeles, Architectural Pottery was distinguished by its spare, geometric lines. This made it the pottery of choice for prominent local mid-century architects like Richard Neutra and Pierre Koenig. In 1998, Vessel USA was founded to revive this line of deceptively simple planters and containers. Today, Vessel USA Architectural Pottery is renowned for its appeal in contemporary settings indoors and out, as well as its ability to safeguard the health of growing plants through the use of high quality ceramic and fiberglass.

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Why We Love Vessel USA

As Vessel USA founder Michael Stephenson puts it, "Geometric and organic shapes may look quite simple to produce, although there is quite a lot of engineering behind the scenes to produce symmetrical forms. Molds can weigh hundreds of pounds and a single ceramic piece can take over a week to produce from start to finish." Every Vessel USA Architectural Pottery planter, sculpture and garden accessory is painstakingly hand-crafted to the original designers' specifications. This ensures that each Vessel USA piece is authentic mid-century modern design.

A Fun Fact About Vessel USA

You will see many original Architectural Pottery planters in the famed photographs of Southern California architecture taken by Julius Shulman in the 1950s and '60s.

Noteworthy Products By Vessel USA

The skilled techniques and artistry used to create Vessel USA pottery are best exemplified by the symmetrical and thin-waisted family of Architectural Pottery TH Planters. Or, for a look that's just as symmetrical, but convex, there are also the Architectural Pottery IN Planters. Both families were originally created in the 1950s by LA-based designer, La Gardo Tackett.

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Vessel USA