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Moroccan Table Lamps

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Style: Moroccan
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Moroccan Table Lamps

When seeking the addition of a particular cultural look for the home, consider Moroccan style. Moroccan décor takes inspiration from France, Portugal and Spain as well as Mediterranean and Islamic countries. The Moroccan style is particularly marked by uneven, rough-hewn looks, intricate carvings and mother-of-pearl or mosaic tile inlays. Intricate textures and lush fabrics with busy patterns are commonplace. A Moroccan table lamp contains some or all these characteristics, with intricate patterns being the most common. Moroccan table lamps will function the same as any other table lamp or styled fixture, but have more intricate designs to enjoy. This intricate design can be over the entirety of the piece or only parts of it, creating an expressive look or an accented look waiting to be discovered.

Table lamps are typically used to bring an accent or task light to a room with already existing layers of light. Resting on smaller surfaces in the room, the accent light will complement the other light, creating a full and welcoming look. The task light option provides a full, yet direct glow to a particular nearby space, such as a seating area, to illuminate a task or hobby nearby.

Other Considerations

Table lamps must be measured to ensure the dimensions work properly with the room and the surface it is going to sit on. Table lamps come in many sizes and forms, so checking the dimensions is imperative. When the table lamp has been picked out and works well in the room, consider adding more Moroccan pieces to the décor. Moroccan pendant lights will create a full glow in a foyer, over a dining room table or over a kitchen island. Moroccan wall sconces can flank a fireplace, be set down a dark hallway or mount outside the home by a front or back door. Sconces can announce the type of style to family and friends arriving at the home, introducing them before they see the full display. Another consideration is the shadow and light dynamic of Moroccan fixtures. The intricate patterns on the shade of the fixture can create a dazzling effect on the nearby walls and ceiling.