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Copper Mini Pendant Lights

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58 Results
  • PH 5 Mini Pendant
    $88600 - $1,19800
  • Melt LED Mini Pendant
  • Dora P1 Mini Pendant
  • Paopao P1 LED Mini Pendant
  • Gople Mini Pendant
    Glass Color
    $70500 - $91500
  • Gople Pendant
    $1,13500 - $1,51500
  • Roest Mini Pendant
    3 Size Options
    $31000 - $49500
  • Galiano LED Mini Pendant
    $19400 - $20800
  • Ava Mini Pendant
    $12480 $156.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Riley Mini Pendant
    $15040 - $16320 $188.00 - $204.00
    20% Savings Today
  • Mila Pendant
    Shade Color


  • Dodo Mini Pendant
    $30000 - $36000
  • Carlton 3 Mini Pendant
  • Boule Mini Pendant


  • Foyle Pendant
  • Speers S1 LED Mini Pendant


  • Clochef Mini Pendant
    $46500 - $98000
  • Brixton LED Mini Pendant
    3 Size Options


    $59500 - $1,09500
  • Bubble Mini Pendant


  • Trace 4 Pendant
  • Void Mini LED Pendant
  • Studio Line LED Cylindrical Mini Pendant
    Inner Finish
  • Aballs Pendant
    3 Size Options


    $1,12500 - $1,92500
  • Spiral Nest Pendant
    $31500 - $35500

Why We Love Copper Mini Pendant Lights

Copper has long been loved for the warmth and richness it adds to home decor. Adding copper mini pendant lights to the ceiling spreads this warmth throughout the home so that everyone who enters can enjoy the peaceful, welcoming atmosphere they create. But, not all copper mini pendant lights have to have a rustic feel to them. If your overall decor leans towards a more modern touch, there are plenty of contemporary and simplistic copper lighting options that will blend in seamlessly with your home. Richer than and warmer than , this timeless copper hue creates a perfectly balanced home ambiance.

Where Copper Mini Pendants Work Best

To make a long story short, copper mini-pendants work almost anywhere, and as such, are a preferable alternative to regular pendant lights and chandeliers in small spaces. Copper mini pendants can find a place in any space or house, even outdoors. The most popular places to hang these chic but rustic lights are over kitchen islands, above dining tables, and in foyers. But their small size and flexible installation style allow them to be used in many other spaces. For more creative applications, suspend copper mini pendant lights over modern bedside tables to create a one-of-a-kind reading light or let them hang over a bathroom sink where their unique style will act as extraordinary vanity lighting. You can also space them evenly, in a series, along a dark hallway to brighten things up and add a stylistic touch to a traditionally plain space.

Favorite Copper Mini Pendant Lighting Shapes & Finishes

One of our favorite aspects of copper mini pendant lights is their ability to appear raw and refined at the same time. This is due entirely to their very unique copper shade. Fixtures with exposed bulbs and simple, sleek bases feel as though they are the epitome of this. They appear exceedingly clean and simple, and the unfinished element of the exposed bulb doesn’t feel overwhelmingly crude. However, if you want something more elegant, you’ll find plenty of choices that fall into that category as well. For something that feels even more polished, look for a copper mini pendant light with a simple globe shade. The simple, modern shape with its graceful curves and reflective finish feels elegant and sophisticated while the warm copper hue keeps it from looking stuffy.

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