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Why We Love Lamps

No matter the lighting solution used in the home, lamps are always present. Illuminating each space of the home in several different ways lamps provide accent and direct light to create mood and tone and help us with our daily tasks.

There's something freeing about being able to move furniture around quickly and easily. It's the same with portable floor lamps and table lamps. Their mobility is a huge benefit when moving around or redecorating to express a newly discovered design scheme. They can immediately change the look of a room without having to rewire or punch a hole in the wall. Floor lamps are especially great when it comes to adding ambient lighting, while table lamps help immensely when it comes to reading or task work at the desk or couch.

Where a Lamp Works Best

Lamps, such as floor and table lamps, are able to find their home in a number of rooms, thanks in part to their versatility and portability. You'll find a modern lamp will work well in the living room. Living room floor lamps and table lamps provide task and ambient lighting where ceiling lights and wall sconces might not spotlight a particular area, like near a couch or in a far corner. They're also great for bedroom lighting, especially when two lamps are used on either side of the bed atop your nightstands. If you don't have a reading sconce in the bedroom, you'll find a table lamp will offer a similar amount of helpful, task-oriented light. Plus, reading lamps on either side of the bed means individual lighting control and one happy couple. Table lights are especially great for the office or den, providing adjustable task illumination so you don't get a headache from eye strain. Finally, in the dining room or placed near the front door in the entry, you will like the functional and decorative presence of a console lamp.

Types of Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

Table lamps and floor lamps come in a variety of options, providing ambiance or direct task lighting as they accent corners and end tables in the room. Table lamps include desk lamps and task lamps, while floor lamps can be used as reading lamps and to make a statement with a graceful arc.

Table Lamps

Table lamps are effective lighting options for a number of rooms in part due to their versatility and portability. Table lamps sit near seating areas or by the bedside, adding ambient or task light to a nearby area. They can accent end tables near a sectional, loveseat or other seating area, and they can serve as an illumination either on a desk or by the bed for studying, reading or other tasks that require full illumination. Table lamps both come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, ensuring the perfect piece for the room.

Desk & Task Lamps

Desk & Task Lamps are table lamps suited for specific task light that requires full illumination on a nearby subject. These lamps often sit on a desk or similar seating area and brightly shine in one’s lap or on the surface of a workstation, creating a bright glow that evenly spreads across the surface for maximum visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Table Lamps:

What are the different types of table lamps available?

There are several different types of table lamps. By location, bedside lamps allow for reading before turning in for the night, while desk lamps illuminate important tasks such as work and study. Table lamps come in a variety of styles such as modern, contemporary, traditional and more, and some table lamps stand out with features such as adjustable swing arms, USB charge ports and touch activation.

How do I choose the right table lamp for my room's decor?

Determine the current décor in the room and try to match the table lamp with that style. Table lamps that match will create a sense of flow, reinvigorating and reinforcing the style in the room. Size, shape and color of the table lamp can also be determined by existing fixtures in the room.

What are the benefits of using a table lamp?

Table lamps can create accent and task light in the room, adding to the ambiance in subtle ways if sitting on an end table or illuminating important tasks such as work or reading when placed on a desk.

Can I use LED bulbs in a table lamp?

Some table lamps allow for swapping light bulbs, such as upgrading to energy-efficient LEDs, although some contain integrated bulbs that are not adjustable.

How do I determine the appropriate height for a table lamp?

Generally, table lamps are best when they are about 30 inches tall from the base to the top of the shade or finial. Additionally, the top of the lamp should be up to 64 inches from the ground. These heights ensure the ideal position as an accent or reading lamp.

Are there table lamps with adjustable brightness levels?

Dimmer functionality is a popular aspect of many table lamps. Options can include the ability to be adjusted with a dimmer switch or a touch dimmer on the lamp itself.

Can I use a table lamp as a bedside reading light?

Many table lamps, called reading lamps, can be used as bedside reading lights. These lamps sit at a height ideal for illuminating the page of a book while staying out of direct eyesight.

What are the best placement options for table lamps in a living room?

Table lamps work best when placed on end tables or side tables, usually by seating areas. These positions allow table lamps to create a glow that accents the surrounding space.

Are there table lamps with built-in USB charging ports?

Some table lamps have built-in USB charging ports so devices such as phones and tablets can be charged.

How do I clean and maintain a table lamp?

Cleaning and maintaining a table lamp will depend on the specific model. Always consult the fixture’s manual to determine proper cleaning procedures.

Types of Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are lighting fixtures often with long, thin bodies. Able to be placed in a variety of spaces, floor lamps can provide direct or ambient lighting and may even be adjustable, allowing the light to express itself exactly as desired. When placed in a corner, floor lamps project light into the room and onto the walls, allowing the light to spread in an even manner.

Reading Floor Lamps

Reading floor lamps provide direct illumination onto a nearby surface, such as a book or a person’s lap. These floor lamps are most commonly placed behind or near seating areas where they remain out of the way of the flow of traffic yet can still provide the necessary light.

Arc Floor Lamps

Arc floor lamps make statements in the home while providing task light to a surface below. These floor lamps have grander designs which include a graceful arc that bends over the seating area and into the room, bringing an even display of light to the immediate area below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Floor Lamps:

What are the different types of floor lamps available?

Floor lamps are available in a range of styles, sizes and colors, ensuring a specific, ideal floor lamp can be matched to the room's needs. These styles include modern, contemporary, traditional and several more. Some floor lamps will have additional features that help them stand out, such as adjustable swing arms, touch dimmers or USB charging ports.

How do I choose the right floor lamp for my space?

Consider the type of lighting, ambient, task or accent, that is desired for the room. Floor lamps come in each of these types of lighting, and each one provides a distinct function in the room. After determining the function of the lamp, try to match the style and color with other existing fixtures or furnishings in the room. The size of the lamp and how the light spreads is also an important decision.

Are floor lamps suitable for task lighting?

Floor lamps, especially ones with adjustable swing arms, are ideal for task lighting. Floor lamps can provide an indirect, ambient glow that illuminates the task while shaping the mood of the room and can provide direct task lighting when set near a table or seating arrangement.

Can I use a floor lamp as the primary light source in a room?

Floor lamps can be used as the primary light source in a room, but always consider layering light with multiple types of light fixtures such as wall sconces and pendants to achieve a full display of light in the room.

What are the advantages of adjustable floor lamps?

Adjustable floor lamps allow the light to be positioned as needed at a moment’s notice. Whereas non-adjustable floor lamps provide only one direction and type of lighting, adjustable floor lamps provide a dynamic use of light. This dynamic range can follow the same task from one seat to another with features such as swingarms, and if the task changes, such as from detail-oriented work to casual reading or playing a game, features like an adjustable height or dimming capabilities can make these activities more effective and enjoyable.

Can floor lamps help create a specific ambiance in a room?

Many floor lamps create a specific ambiance in the room depending on the lamp’s size, style and capabilities. Shades or exposed bulbs also provide different lighting displays in the room.

Are there floor lamps with integrated shelves or storage options?

Some floor lamps come with a series of shelves. These shelves range in size, being capable of holding displays of plants, books and other home accessories, or small enough to hold needed personal items such as wallets, phones and keys.

How do I position a floor lamp to maximize its lighting effects?

Floor lamps should be positioned along the side or corner of the room, where the light can reflect off the walls and ceiling to produce ambiance. This will maximize the direct and indirect lighting capabilities of the lamp.

Are there floor lamps with dimming capabilities?

Many floor lamps come with dimming capabilities, either through a nearby dimmer switch or as a touch dimmer function on the lamp itself.

Can floor lamps be used in outdoor settings?

Some floor lamps can be used in an outdoor setting. Check the location rating, dry, damp or wet, to determine if the lamp can be used outdoors. A damp rating allows the lamp to be in the same vicinity of water and moisture, while a wet rating allows for direct exposure to the elements.

Lamps for Every Style

Our selection of lamps are designed to fit a wide variety of interior design styles, ranging from traditional rooms to spaces with the most modern of decor. Classic table and floor lamp styles include bronze and polished nickel lamps by George Kovacs, as well as the wrought-iron lamp designs by Hubbardton Forge. Contemporary homes benefit from the transitional designer lamp options by Robert Abbey and look to Artemide or FLOS Lighting for an ultra-modern standing lamp, table lamp or desk lamp. Finally, if you love energy efficiency in your home, be sure to check out the LED-infused lamps from Marset.

How to Choose the Best Lamps

When it comes to choosing a floor or table lamp, you will want to consider the size of the lamp and how it will fit into your room. In large living areas like a great room or open living room, the space will benefit from the inclusion of an arc floor lamp or multi-arm lamp. Conversely, smaller bedrooms and offices will require much more proportionate options like a slim desk lamp or pair of small table lamps. When browsing for a new lamp, be sure to view its sizing dimensions to get the best idea of the fixture's width, diameter, length and weight before purchasing. You can also review the lamp's light source options and if you plan to take the fixture outdoors, verify it is UL listed for wet or damp locations.